Photography, Usability and Random Ideas
  • Paris

  • Evreaux Cathedral

    Evreaux Cathedral
  • Warsaw University

    Warsaw University
  • Rome - Church Window

    Rome - Church Window
  • The life cycle of a bycicle

    The life cycle of a bycicle
  • The Bull-Cycle

    The Bull-Cycle
  • Bamboo Forest - Quimbaya, Colombia

    Bamboo Forest - Quimbaya, Colombia

Photographer by vocation. Design Anthropologist by profession. Talmudist aficionado.

Colombian and Spanish Passports. Danish Resident.

I have worked in UK, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Colombia & Mexico

User Researcher by day. Photographer every other day.

To know more about my work as a Design Anthropologist/UX Researcher you can see more at Usergrapher

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