Photography, Usability and Random Ideas
  • Paris

  • Evreaux Cathedral

    Evreaux Cathedral
  • Warsaw University

    Warsaw University
  • Rome - Church Window

    Rome - Church Window
  • The life cycle of a bycicle

    The life cycle of a bycicle
  • The Bull-Cycle

    The Bull-Cycle
  • Bamboo Forest - Quimbaya, Colombia

    Bamboo Forest - Quimbaya, Colombia

My two passions in life: Photography andUsability/User Research.

Experience and technicality are my 2 goals on photography. Knowing the tools and expand my creativity.
Right now working freelance for different clients as a photographer.

Usability / User Research:
How to make things work and what it is those already working, making it better.

Photography: Macro Photography, Travel Photography, Photoshop, Retouch, Editorial and Landscape Photography

Usability / User Research:
Usability Analysis, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Card Sorting, Expert Reviews.