1 – My earliest memory

I have many memories from when I was a small child. Here are some of the ones I remember the most:

The first one I guess it is a constructed memory, rather than an actual one. I have this image of me learning how to walk. It was at my grandmother’s house in Cedritos (Carrera 17 N° 141-00). I know there is a photo of that day, so maybe that’s why I have the memory. But I’ve always remembered that day with my dad.
I have many memories from that house. I have many memories from my grandmother.

I could also say that one of the earliest memories, and one that I treasure the most, is of my siblings and I playing saturday mornings on our parents bed. My brother was the evil president, my sister was the journalist in danger and I was “Super Puchito”, trying to rescue her. Needless to say, I always won!


lucas ocaso descalabrado
My favourite childhood photo: Lucas with a cracked head! I still have the scar!

And then, there is that one memory of when I fell down the stairs… It was at my great grandparents summer house. All I can remember is a blurry image of white and blue. Which happens to be the colours of the stairs. My dad tells me I was running up the stairs and then I fell down. I broke my head (in colombian you could say: “descalabre”, which is one of my favourite words). And of course, there is a photo of the situation. I am happy, smiling, with my head all bloody. Good times!