2 – Imaginary Friends

Baby Lucas on a toy chair
This was not a real baby chair. I was so tiny that I fit on a toy baby chair.

“When I was a kid, I had imaginary friends… But one day, I had a fight with them, and killed em all… not joking, true story… i was 5 or 6…”


I told this to one of my teachers a few years ago.  It is a true story. They were called “Coquitos” I have no idea why.

Coquito would be the diminutive of Coco. The “Coco” would be the Colombian equivalent of the “Boogie Man”. So I guess I was friends with the little monsters that lived under my bed…

They went with me everywhere. until they didn’t.

I obviously don’t have any photos of them, so I will now post a photo of myself when I was a kid to keep going with the growing up theme.