3 – Childhood Best Friend

My childhood best friend was my brother.

Mis hermanos (y alguien que no se quien es)
Mis hermanos (y alguien que no se quien es)
He is 3 years older than me. Yet, we played together, learned together, and pretty much he was my only friend. Then my sister joined us. I was a really sick kid that could not go out much. So it was with them that I developed a close friendship.

There were other people around. There was Edwin, our neighbour. He was mostly friends with my brother than with me. They were around the same age. I don’t know what happened with him. I guess we lost contact with them when we moved out of that house.
Ah… that house. La casa de “La Pepita”. My parents were known for their parties. And for the food. At some point my parents had an “Obleas” stand.

How to explain what an Oblea is… Let’s try. It is like a thin, tasteless, white-ish cookie. You get two of those and in between you smear Arequipe, also known as Dulce de Leche. It was amazing.
I have great memories from that house.

The day that Coca-Loca arrived to our lives. She was our second dog. The first one was called Periquita, and was my sister’s dog. A french poodle of sorts, given to her by my aunt Paloma as a present. Coca-Loca was my brother’s pet.
My only pet was a chicken I got in kindergarden.

I wanted a duck.

I got a chicken.

I called Donald

Donald the Chicken

Sadly it died when it went into my brother’s bed and it asphyxiated.  Or that was what I was told.
I evend had a funeral for the chicken and all…

I could write a lot about that house. It was a good place.