4 – Teddy Bear

I didn’t have a actual teddy bear. But I did have, and still do, have a few dolls. One of them was called “Pequeñito”. There were in fact two different ones. The first one, as I remember, was more “blond” than the second one. It went away. I lost it on a bus. But for many years I kept thinking about him, and I made up the story that he was sending me letters, telling me about all the cool and exciting places he was visiting.
The second Pequeñito still exist. I think is at my mother’s place.

And then there is Minisito.

I need to explain the names a little bit. Pequeñito could be translated as “The little tiny one”; Minisito as “the little mini one”

Minisito has blue hair. He had a body change sometime along the way. He is still with me. In fact, he is right now in my bedroom. His head comes off now and then, but there are many nights that I just tuck him in bed next to me to make me company. He has no personality. But he is part of me. Part of my life.