The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

A few months ago I got a call from a friend “Lucas, we need your help”. And from them on, working with Viktor Melnikov has been a great experience.

He comes to me with an idea and in a matter of minutes we have a concept.

So far I’ve done 4 Photos for them. Right now I want to talk about the photo on this post.

I like natural light.

That’s it. As natural as it could be. And in this case, the “natural light” was the stage light and the candles.

I wanted the photo to be as close as the audience would remember the play. Harsh lights, deep shadows, high contrast.

We did 2 sessions. During the first one I had 39° fever and a really bad cold. But all was not lost, since the photo used for the poster was taken on that session.

For the second session, with more time and less degrees on my head, we did more of the actual performance.

Stay tuned for more rants about photos and more about this particular assignment.